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Isolation Switch Function: What You Need To Know?

May. 10, 2021

The Isolating Switch is a switch with a reliable break, and the insulation of the disconnection gap and the phase-to-phase insulation are sufficiently reliable. It can be used to switch on and off the line with voltage but no load, and it is also allowed to switch on or off the short circuit and voltage with no load. Transformers and no-load transformers with limited capacity.

Isolating Switch

Isolating Switch

1. The isolating switch is mainly used to reliably isolate the parts that need to be powered off and the live parts in the power distribution device to ensure the safety of maintenance work.

2. The contacts are all exposed to the air and have obvious disconnection points. The DC Isolator Switch has no arc extinguishing device, so it cannot be used to cut off load current or short-circuit current. Otherwise, under the action of high voltage, the disconnection point will produce a strong arc , And it is difficult to extinguish by itself, and may even cause arcing, burn equipment, and endanger personal safety. This is a serious accident called "pull disconnecting switch with load".

3. The isolation switch can also be used to perform certain switching operations to change the operating mode of the system. For example: In a double-bus circuit, an isolating switch can be used to switch the running circuit from one bus to another. At the same time, it can also be used to operate some small current circuits. Such as no-load transformer with excitation current not exceeding 2A. No-load circuits with capacitance current less than 5A, etc., and some isolation switches have high-voltage sensors, which can be connected to live displays.

According to the different installation locations, it is divided into indoor and outdoor. According to the number of insulating pillars, it is divided into single-pillar, double-pillar and three-pillar. There are optional equipment for each voltage level.

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